jeudi 19 novembre 2009

When I am an old Woman (6) par Martine B.

(Version anglophone de "Quand je serai plus vieille, 1")

When I am an old woman
I will ride a motorbike in a brand new leather gear,
I will get tickets for speeding and not stopping at traffic lights
and refuse to produce my driving license as I won’t have one.

I will stop all the clocks to do only what I like,
I will read or write at night and have breakfast at teatime.
When I am an old woman I will no longer stick to my diet
but gobble up chocolate, and curries, and lemon pies.

I won’t be bothered with people who know best
and will tell them to bugger off, excuse my French!
My friends from the funerals of people we did not know
will all be young and cheeky, with a gift for carelessness.

For up to now I‘ve had to watch my Ps and Qs
“Yes Miss,” or «Please Sir”, or “Thank you Madam”.
You do have to be a role model for the children
so you get used to being sensible and reasonable.

Why not start practising right now, though,
so that nobody will be surprised
when one day I have become an old woman and buy a motorbike.